National Write Down Your Story Day

National Write Down Your Story Day

There is power in stories, and there is even more power in writing them. March 14th is National Write Down Your Story Day! It is a day to encourage others to be bold and write down their stories and experiences. Will you write down your thoughts to remember all the seasons of life and capture the magic of your journey? Not only is it therapeutic and freeing, but it is also a way to inspire and motivate others around you.

Our Founder, Angela Shaw

One of the best examples of a powerful story comes from our founder, Angela Shaw. Despite having a successful career, Angela felt that something was missing in her life. So, she decided to do something about it and followed her real passions in life. But in 2001, when the economic market turned south, Angela spent two years without employment. Her dreams stayed farther and farther away as she struggled to make ends meet. However, during her darkest days, life's ultimate answers were revealed: "Nothing in life is more important than family, friends, and an unshakable relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and His will for your life."

In pursuit to spread joy and hope among women worldwide, it took her creativity, determination, resilience, and many attempts to find a solution to address mental health and well-being, and then something happened. The gift collections from Soar Couture were birth in 2005, which is now still raved as favorites by customers and available today! It is unbelievable that her products touch people's lives to make a difference.

There are no mistakes in life, and Jesus orders all of our steps. Angela stepped out with faith and took everything one day at a time. Eventually, her dream came to fruition. People asked, how do you know if this is for you? How do you know you'll succeed? "Easy," she'd say. "Because I feel it in my soul."

Angela will forever be the pinnacle of determination and perseverance of Soar Couture. Her story is nothing short of inspiring and reminds us that in life, each experience or struggle leads us and prepares us for what comes next. It's never too late to pursue your dreams. Moving forward, we will celebrate her on this day to inspire and empower women to share their authentic stories.

What story will you write?

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