Our Story


Soar Couture is distinctly and divinely designed to offer you fashion, art, and faith in perfect harmony. We strive to elevate the spirit with inspiration and affirmation through our dynamic collections and accessories.


Founder Angela Shaw wasn’t always design and destiny. After graduation, armed with a Marketing degree from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, IL, she spent time as a mortgage loan officer; in various sales positions and eventually landed her first Human Resources recruitment job through a referral from her sister.

She soon mastered her recruitment skills to offer her services on a consultancy basis for such large clients as Ameritech, Allstate, Northern Trust, Aon, Ace Hardware, and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Several years later, despite a successful career and a lucrative income, she still felt something was missing. Her life felt incomplete, her soul insatiable. She always made mental promises to leave the industry and to focus on her true passions.

The job opportunities kept coming, the salary continued to rise, and the real commitments steadily climbed.Then, suddenly in 2001, the economic market took a turn for the worst, and Shaw found herself without a job.

After spending a total of over two years spiraling in the depths of unemployment, financial ruins, and despair, she eventually regained employment with a reduced income of over 70 percent.

Now, struggling to meet current financial obligations, it seemed her dreams were even farther away than ever imagined. However, in the midst of her storm, life's ultimate answers were revealed: "Nothing in life is more important than family, friends, and an unshakable relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and His will for your life." Unlike ever before, she felt called to pursue her purpose and determined to unravel her destiny.

Undoubtedly, the question, "Why didn't I do it before when I had the monetary resources?" crossed her mind—unquestionably believing that there are no mistakes in life and that Jesus Christ orders all steps.

She realized that over seven years of Human Resources experience had heightened her human insight and broadened her command of essential business and salesmanship skills. This fact, coupled with her innate creative abilities, made her better prepared to pursue her dreams.

But, it takes money to start a business. Right? So, financially the odds were against her.

Nevertheless, an optimistic Shaw, passionately trusting that although her journey's travel time would lengthen and it’s itinerary altered, the road to success was still wide open. It began with her logo, one-month business cards and letterhead another, fax, phone line, domain registration, merchant account, and so on. Until finally, she stepped out with faith.

Still, one might ask, “How do you know if this is for you? How do you know you will succeed?” “Easy," she'd breathe, "Because I feel it in my soul."

Angela earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL, May 1996. She was a licensed minister under the leadership of Apostle Richard D Henton at Monument of Faith Evangelistic Church, Chicago, IL. A member of God Squad: Outreach & Evangelistic Team at MOFEC.

She renewed her membership in 2012 at New Faith Baptist Church International in Matteson, IL. She began her ministry program at NFBCI while pursuing a Masters of Divinity degree at McCormick Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois.   

Angela Shaw (Nov 1972 - Jan 2013)

"They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength...they will soar with wings as eagles." --Isaiah 40:31