Our Story

Angela Shaw, Founder

Soar Couture, a/k/a Soaro, Inc., was founded in 2005 on the idea of a symphony of faith, art, and fashion. Soar Couture is more than a brand; we're a living testament to the profound synergy between fashion, art, and faith. Our brand is a story that resonates with the very heartbeat of human existence—a journey that began with a woman of unwavering spirit and an indomitable will.
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Jori A. Lacy, CEO 

Jori Lacy, CEO of Soar Couture, is an only child of Angela Shaw, the founder. Soar Couture is distinctly and divinely designed to offer fashion, faith, and art in perfect harmony. Soar Couture is committed to the commission to spread the Gospel of our Lord and King, Jesus Christ, through our dynamic gift collections and accessories. Having been taught by her mom, Jori realized her faith at an early age to look to Christ for Salvation. She is a member of New Faith Baptist Church International in Matteson, IL.
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Valerie Shaw, Co-Founder & President 

Valerie Shaw exemplifies purpose and unwavering dedication, driven by a profound commitment to empowering women in both business and the community. She received the 2013 President's Volunteer Service Award, showcasing her philanthropic dedication to organizations like the American Cancer Society, Math with EEEs Inc., and the United Nations Association.
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